Next meeting

We are delighted to announce that the London Skin Club is back!  The eleventh meeting will be held in person on 10th March 2023 with a fibrosis theme.

Location:  Imperial College London (White City Campus)

Sir Michael Uren Hub, Rm 1202
Meeting: 2.00-5.00pm
Cheese and Wine afterwards

Room capacity: 80 attendees. Registration (free) required.

Keynote Speaker

Prof Francesco Del Galdo, Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine, University of Leeds (Del Galdo Lab)
Talk title: TBC

Invited Speakers

Dr Clarisse Ganier, Kings College London  (Watt Lab)
Talk title: A multi-scale spatial atlas of human skin links cancer cell states to site of origin

Ms Jennifer Andrews, University of Salford (Hashmi Lab)
Talk title: ‘An evaluation of the biochemical components of the foot skin using in-vivo Raman Spectroscopy

Mr Thomas Kirk, Queen Mary University London (Rognoni Lab)
Talk title: Discovering the molecular regulators of the dermal fibroblast state switch

Dr Vignesh Jayarajan, University College London (Di Lab)
Talk title: Short-term Rho-associated kinase inhibitor treatment maintains keratinocyte stem cell properties